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Home gym or a public gym –what’s better?

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The benefits of strength training at gyms are well established –better health, weight loss and social interaction opportunities. But in many cases, life comes in way of good intentions and people don’t make full use of their gym memberships.

Not surprisingly busy fitness enthusiasts keen to meet their workout commitments run into this dilemma sooner or later, what would make most sense - a commercial gym or a home gym?

Public gyms and home gyms each have their own set of pros and cons. Understanding them will help you make the right decision.

Public Gym

Public or commercial gyms are seen as the default place to go when we in a serious workout mode. The advantages that that gyms offer are many:

  • Range Of Weight Training Equipment

Gyms are set up to offer an extensive array of machines catering to different needs. Whether you want to lift weights or do bench presses, a gym is guaranteed to have the right equipment.

  • Motivating Atmosphere

Regular working out demands commitment and motivation. A gym automatically puts one amidst people who are dedicated to exercising, which can be encouraging.

  • Lower Investment

Gym membership requires monthly investment in form of fees which are typically not a large amount .

  • Amenities

Public gyms often have additional facilities like personal trainers, steaming rooms, and training programs. These amenities enhance the experience of your workout session and make it more enjoyable and effective.

Availability of ready support

Fellow gym-goers or trainers in the vicinity can act as spotters so have the confidence that there is someone around to ensure your safety.

Home Gym

Hectic lifestyle along with availability of good quality gym equipment is making home gyms more popular:

No commuting, no scheduled timings, no waiting – with home gyms all one needs is motivation. You can just start your workout whenever you want without any external factors affecting your decision

  1. Full Privacy

Public gyms often are choc-a-bloc with other exercisers crowding the machines, which can hamper privacy. In a home gym you need not worry about being self-conscious or being stared at.

  1. More hygienic

Public gyms are frequented by dozens of people and this can affect the hygiene of the machines. In a home gym, you can rest assured that the machines are clean and well maintained

  1. No monthly fees

Although the initial investment may be high for home gyms, it eliminates monthly gym membership fees which can add up to a large sum over time

  1. Targeted Equipment & workouts:

In a home gym you can put in the exact machines that you specifically need, and do workouts as per your needs rather than having to be restricted by machine/trainer availability in commercial gyms.

Having the right fitness environment is helpful as it makes workout sessions more comfortable, increases motivation, ultimately leading to better results. Committed exercisers would need to tradeoff between different priorities to decide what would be the best choice – the convenience of a home gym or the variety of a commercial gym.

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